High Frequency substrates for the manufacture of high performance circuits required in RF applications, wireless, aerospace, military, automotive and advanced electronics industries, ...

  • Specific dielectric constant Dk
  • Low dissipation factor
  • High thermal stability
  • Mechanical and thermal stability
  • Microwave application
  • Radio Frequency application

electronica rogers

Depending on the requirements there are different product lines, all renowned for their efficiency as RO3000®, RO3200®, RO4000®, RT / Duroid®, TMM® and ULTRALAM®.

Flexible and low thickness materials.

Most popular Product Ranges:

  • RO4000 series, easily processed as FR4, a good choice for its balance between performance and price.
  • RO3000 series for commercial use is a good solution for its superior performance due to the PTFE used in the dielectric.
  • Series RT/duroid 5000 which has the lowest loss, making it ideal for applications where performance is the key factor.

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