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  • Massó and Health +

    Our nutraceutical range: Nature in benefit of your health. Have a look at our web and discover all natural solutions for improvement of health for heart, bones, skin, and for prevention of big part of most frequent diseases.   Read More
  • Frozen desserts for all seasons +

    Our stabilizer systems are tailor-made to meet your individual requirements. We also gladly make further recommendations for the improvement of the total recipe: the inclusion of sugar, milk proteins and other ingredients to provide the specific properties required for the production of your particular ice cream. Comercial Quimica Massó give you an optimal combination of emulsifiers and hydrocolloids to enhance the creaminess, to provide a good texture, to create a better melting resistance, to create a better melting resistance…in you ice cream. We also gladly make further recommendations for the improvement of the total recipe, to inclusion of sugar, milk Read More
  • OAKTAN® Best oak tannins for best wines. +

    Ajinomoto NaturalSpecialities was initiated more than 60 years ago, and is specialized in extraction and purification of botanicals. Today Ajinomoto NaturalSpecialities is one of the leading polyphenol producers in the world. So far, they have developed a wide range of products in which OAKTAN® is one of their most noted. These tannins are obtained from the French oak wood used for making same wine barrels. Only the best matured wood is chosen for extracting these tannins. There are two versions of OAKTAN® , one toasted and another one untoasted. Both provide a particular improved taste profile to end product. Read More
  • Comercial Química Massó launches new product range: food emulsifiers from Lonza. +

    We are glad to introduce you the new range of food emulsifiers from Lonza, which has been recently incorporated in our catalogue. Lonza has been a global provider of food emulsifiers for over 40 years and is uniquely positioned to provide a broad portfolio of innovative technologies and improved ingredients for the food industry. Lonza has the insight and the foresight to produce the highest quality emulsifiers for the food industry. From baked goods to confections, whipped toppings to salad dressings, Lonza can help you achieve the physical and functional properties you desire in taste, texture and appearance. Years of Read More
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