Paints & Inks

  • Corbion: Biodegradable solvents based on esters of lactic acid
  • Deltech Corporation:
    • Modified alkyd resins: urethane, silicone and vinyl-toluene.                                        
    • Unsaturated polyesters.
  • Kolon Industries: resins of hydrocarbon liquid to modify systems epoxy.
  • Benasedo:
    • Alkyd resins
    • Saturated and unsaturated polyesters
    • Water based resins for wood and metal
  • Lonza:
    • Biocides for in-can conservation and dry film protection.                        
    • Oleochemicals: EBS
  • Bilbaina de Alquitranes: Coal tar compounds
  • Silbond: Ethyl silicate
  • Johnson Fine Chemicals: Additives humidity scavengers for PU systems
  • Nobel NC: Industrial nitrocellulose
  • Pritty Pigments: Pearlescent pigments
  • AsahiGuard: as water repellents and oleo-repellent
  • Asahi Glass fluoropolymers: fluoropolymers such as protective coatings: ETFE and PTFE.
  • Achitex Minerva: Polysiloxane additives as water-repellents
  • KLK Oleo:
    • Fatty acid
    • Esters of fatty acids
  • CQM:
    • Inorganic pigments: oxides of iron and chromium.               
    • Polyphosphates: Hexametaphosphate and Pirophosphate sodium
    • Rosin esters
    • Maleic and Fumaric resins for inks
    • Ketonic resins for inks
    • Plasticizers: Triacetin and ATBC
    • Propylene carbonate
    • Hydrocarbon resins solid
    • Titanium dioxide, rutile grade
    • Benzoyl peroxide

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