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MASSCOL International Pigments.
A brand you can rely upon.

COMERCIAL QUÍMICA MASSÓ S.A. a significant family business was founded in 1960 and bases it´s activity in the commercialisation and value added manufacturing of chemical specialities from our global supply partners. We operate within the widest Chemical sectors of Europe with specialist divisions catering for a local hands on support mechanism.

COMERCIAL QUIMICA MASSO Introduces the MASSCOL brand of pigments that provide the colour user with reliability, consistency, availability and economies. Masscol has carefully selected partners with manufacturing capabilities that consistently offer superior quality. The combination of our extensive laboratories in Spain together with our product specialists in our China office who pay considerable attention to working closely with our partners ensures our products are delivered to our customers on time in full and to a consistent quality that can be trusted time and again. We aim to deliver to our customers an optimum value proposition through our comprehensive pigment line.