Know about TRS

TRS is a trademark of Comercial Química Massó, S.A. that produces and sells cold vulcanization adhesives. TRS was developed in Germany in the late 1990s as TRS International GmbH, focused on all materials related to the maintenance of rubber conveyor belts in the mining industry, and was purchased by Comercial Química Massó S.A in October 2017.

COMERCIAL QUÍMICA MASSÓ, S.A. is a family company, independent and with 100% Spanish capital, founded in 1960. In 1963 it started importing and distributing agrochemical products (active ingredients and formulated products) into the Spanish market.

COMERCIAL QUÍMICA MASSÓ, S.A. distributes chemical specialties at industrial level in many sectors such as food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, textile, plastics, inks, polyurethanes, elastomers, paper, ceramics, dyestuffs, additives, electronics, none destructive tests and also it directly deals in many markets such as agriculture, home & garden, parks, pest control etc.

Inside Masso’s Elastomers Department, TRS has nowadays a well-known and proven range of cold-vulcanizing systems for rubber conveyor belts and it is the leader in the cold-vulcanizing maintenance market for PUR conveyor belts.

For the rubber conveyor belt market, TRS has developed two systems allowing the user to work both underground with a non-flammable product, free of trichlorethylene, and in open environments with a system free of CFCs and aromatic solvents.

Our main objective is to continue developing products to help companies that works in conveyor belts maintenance. Always focused on the needs that may arise when working with rubber conveyor belt systems and always working in cold conditions, TRS has developed a range of product specially designed for Roller Lagging and Tank Lining works.

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