TRS 3000 TL

Tank Lining - Free of chlorinated solvents

Rubber adhesive

TRS 3000 TL is a two-component cold vulcanization adhesive based on polychloroprene rubber (CR) specially formulated to work on large surfaces. Glue rubber with rubber, metal or concrete. It is useful for those fields where protection against wear or corrosion is important
Applications: Lagging of large pulleys in belt transport systems. Tank lining, cisterns and other jobs that require a high open time.
  • Base: Polychloroprene rubber (CR)
  • Solvent: ethyl acetate/cyclohexane
  • Specific density: 0,95 g/m³
  • Dynamic viscosity: approx. 3000-3400 mPa·s
  • Cream
  • Expiration: 2 years provided it is in its original closed container and in accordance with the conditions described in DIN 7716
  • Operating temperature: +10/+40 ºС
  • Hardener: TRS 1000 E
  • Proportion: 30 g of hardener / 710 g (750ml) adhesive
  • Application time: 4-6 hours
  • Application time: approx. 90 min at 20 °С
  • Consumption: 300 g/m² for one layer
  • Vulcanization time: approx. 24 hours
Recommended for gluing the following surfaces:
  • Rubber to rubber materials and cable/ fabric: 2 layers
  • Rubber with bonding layer (BL) to Rubber: 1 layer
  • Robber with metal: 1 coat
Know about TRS
TRS is a trademark of Comercial Química Massó, S.A. that produces and sells cold vulcanization adhesives. TRS was developed in Germany in the late 1990s as TRS International GmbH, focused on all materials related to the maintenance of rubber conveyor belts in the mining industry, and was purchased by Comercial Química Massó S.A. in October 2017.

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