Conveyor belt repair system

Rubber adhesive

TRS 6006 is a two-component repair system that cures rapidly  at room temperature.
It allows you to repair conveyor belts and have them up and running in no time.
The product itself produces the perfect ratio . When used with our primers, it can repair rubber and PVC/PU conveyor belts.
Applications: Room and surface temperatures should be similar, and between 10°C and 45°C (50°F and 113°F). Ensure temperatures are 3°C (5°F) above current dew point, and relative humidity is below 85%. The products themselves produce this temperature range, although it is expected that the pot-life and curing times will vary considerably. At colder temperatures, Pt A (resin) may solidify or appear waxy. Before mixing, slowly heat the Pt A (resin) until it becomes a clear liquid above 15°C (60°F). Always protect the surface from contaminants and direct sunlight.
  • Prepolymer: polyether MDI
  • Hardness Shore A: 65 +/-5
  • Solids: 100%
  • VOC's: Zero
  • Mix ratio: 1A:1B
  • Color: Black, others available
  • Flashpoint: none
  • Tensile strength: ASTM D412: 9.31MPa (1350psi)
  • Elongation: ASTM D412: 525%
  • Tear strength ASTM D624 Die C: 36.78 kN/m (210lbf-in)
  • Taber Abrader ASTM D4060-19 H18, 1kg, 400cy: 121mg loss
  • Operating Temperatures: -56°C (-70°F) to 93°C (200°F)
  • Chemical Resistance: usually pH 3 - 11
  • Coverage: 34 m² at 25 microns/Kg (166 ft² at .001”/lbs.) 
  • Shelf life: more than 2 years if well stored and unopened
  • Storage: 23°C (73°F) dry, away from sunlight
  • Precondition Material: > 15°C (60°F) 
  • Pot Life: 30 seconds
  • Buff to level: > 30 minutes
  • Light Loading: > 1 hour
  • Final Cure: 5 Days
  • Overcoat: After degreasing  /sanding
  • Per Unit:
    • 200 x 200 cartridge 0.12 m² @ 3 mm (1.25 ft² @ 1/8”)
    • 750 x 750 cartridge 0.44 m²@ 3 mm (4.7 ft² @ 1/8”)
Know about TRS
TRS is a trademark of Comercial Química Massó, S.A. that produces and sells cold vulcanization adhesives. TRS was developed in Germany in the late 1990s as TRS International GmbH, focused on all materials related to the maintenance of rubber conveyor belts in the mining industry, and was purchased by Comercial Química Massó S.A. in October 2017.

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