By resolution of the Company's Board of Directors, the shareholders are summoned to the Ordinary General Meeting, which will take place at the registered office in Barcelona, ​​calle Viladomat nº 321, 5º, on June 30, 2021, at 18:00 hours as a first call and, if needed, the next day at the same time as a second call.



At COMERCIAL QUÍMICA MASSÓ we are committed to the environment and society, so from now on, we will generate and consume our own renewable energy.

We have just launched the first step of the 100% clean renewable energy generation project for self-consumption in our facilities in Sant Pere Molanta (Barcelona).

In this first phase, 750 modules of 400 watts each have been located, generating a total amount of 300 kWh per week, which represents 25% of total consumption.

This is a three stages project whose goal is to reach 75% of clean energy consumption, which means the generation of 900 kWh per week.

For the company it represents an essential investment for the future. We will save the emission of 177,000 Kg of CO2 per year to the planet, the same CO2 that would be absorbed by around 7,000 trees.

With this project we optimize savings, improve autonomy, and increase our commitment to sustainability.


Since COMERCIAL QUÍMICA MASSÓ, S.A. works in some of the so-called essential areas, we have remained fully active throughout the first wave of the Covid pandemic, both in administrative tasks and in our warehouses and factories. The needs of our clients and external collaborators have been attended at all times and we have followed all the guidelines issued both by European and national authorities as well as regional and local authorities, closely following our suppliers to guarantee that the supply chain was never broken.

In order to duly protect our employees and regulate the interaction with customers and suppliers in our daily basis, the company has acquired all the necessary equipment (thermometers, face masks, gels, disinfectants, plastic protectors, etc.), following the protocols that our risk prevention service has specially adapted to the features of our factory, warehouse and office environments with the purpose that nobody may put one’s health at risk at work.

These measures have allowed us to successfully pass these first months of the pandemic and to face this second wave with optimism. We will continue with the same policy and will take all the necessary precautions to protect our employees and the different markets where we work.

We are pleased to announce that last July we reinforced our presence in South America by opening our subsidiary in Chile. This new subsidiary of Comercial Química Massó is the 4th in the American continent and the 16th in the world.

We have started our operations in this country, to respond to the growing requirements of the mining industries, mainly with our TRS cold cements and a wide range of rubber products such as belts, scrapers, drum lining, repair material, etc.


In order to keep offering quality value and required service to meet our customers’ needs, we have carried out some modernization and expansion works of our facilities in Sant Pere Molanta in Olérdola (Barcelona).

The work to improve the facilities has allowed us to have new spaces, such as the microbiology laboratory or the laboratory for the development of cosmetic applications. (Please click here for more information).

Ampliación de las instalaciones de SPM