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The FCR department offers its services is Spain, Portugal, France, Monaco, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia and Slovenia.

The involved industries are:


Raw materials for the production of all purpose personal care products. The exclusive and selected product portfolio includes actives, texturizers, emollients, emulsifiers, film-formers, humectants, preservatives, solubilizers, surfactants and rheology modifiers.

Technical service: The applications laboratory develops finished products covering all the steps of such work: from product design up to pilot manufacturing and stability. Those developments are exclusively used as prototypes for our customers.

Marketing: following the most recent and innovative market trends, we cooperate with our customers creating new product concepts.


Ingredients for pharmaceutical and veterinary specialties: APIs, antioxidants, disinfectants, preservatives and excipients.

Aligned with the strict requeriments of those markets, our proposals comply with the most used Pharmacopoeias and their traceability is guaranteed. Our philosophy is the compliance with “Good Distribution Practices (GDPs)”


Ingredients for household, industrial and institutional cleansing products. We supply detergent systems, emulsifiers, anti-foaming agents, corrosin inhibitors, rheology modifiers, solubilizers, pearling agents, opacifiers, solvents, chelators...



Insecticides, preservatives and disinfectants

Masso F.C.R. Insecticides



For the development of agricultural products

Masso F.C.R. Crop Protection

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