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The Agro Department of COMERCIAL QUÍMICA MASSÓ, S.A. occupies an outstanding position in the main agricultural markets of the Mediterranean area. This has been possible thanks to the trust of our clients, to the well known efficacy of our products ( fungicides, insecticides, herbicides,fertilizers, etc ), our high quality formulations, well adapted to the new rules of the market in terms of environmental protection, ecotoxicology and food security and also thanks to our team and the dealer network that strives to give the best service to farmers everyday.

It also deals in a lot of specialties from the most prestigious Companies in the plant protection sector. The Agro Department has also international presence in several Middle East, South-American, North Africa and other countries.

Its objective is the development of new products, that are able to satisfy the demands of modern agriculture, such as no-residue products requested in the most important markets and the definition of new strategies that allow the farmer to obtain the maximum performance with the highest protection of, and respect for, the environment.

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For more information about our catalog of products for agriculture (Insecticides, acaricides, nematicides, fungicides, herbicides, fertilizers and deficiency correctors, growth regulators, pheromones and biological control organisms) see:


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