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One of the main guidelines of our daily work seeks to voluntary reconcile the growth and competitiveness, while integrating the commitment to social development and the improvement of the environment.

The major ethical responsibilities of the company in respect of its staff and the community are:

  • To serve society with useful products and upon fair conditions.
  • To generate wealth in the most efficient way possible.
  • To respect human rights through fair and proper working conditions so as to promote labor security and health as well as the human and professional development of workers.
  • To secure the company's continuity and, if possible, to achieve a reasonable growth.
  • To respect the environment avoiding, as much as possible, any type of pollution through the minimization of the waste generation and rationalizing the natural and energy resources.
  • To strictly comply with all laws, regulations, customs and usages, by performing legal contracts and the commitments undertaken.
  • To secure the equitable distribution of the wealth generated.
  • To monitor and control compliance with legislation.
  • To preserve business ethics and fight against corruption.
  • To control working and health conditions of workers.
  • To monitor resources and waste management.
  • To improve the company's energy efficiency.
  • To ensure a correct use of water.
  • To fight against climate change.
  • Assessment of social and environmental risks.
  • To supervise the adequacy of the supply chain.
  • To design and implement partnership and cooperation strategies in the community.
  • To involve consumers, local communities and the rest of society.  
  • To involve the whole staff in the good practices of this CSR.
  • Marketing and developing of a good corporate reputation.
  • To improve possibilities and opportunities of the community that hosts the company.
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