Polypropylene compounds (Research & Developing Department and production plant): MASSOPLEN
More details

Silver based Biocides Ionpure (antimicrobial agent) More details

Purging compounds Dyna-Purge (injection, extrusion, blow moulding) More details

Stabilisers Gohsenol PVOH (polyvinyl alcohol derivates) More details

PVC stabilisers VALTRIS  More details

Impact modifiers, process aids and lubricants for PVC. Kane Ace (construction, pipes, bottles, packaging) More details

Crosslinkable Polyethylene Hyundai EP corporation POLYLINK (pipes, cables) More details

Hi-Tech plastics (medical device, laboratory equipment and food trays for microwaves cooking More details

Adhesive resin Hyundai EP Corporation POLYGLUE (to bond polyolefins, Polyamides, EVOH, wood and metals) More details

Fluoropolymers. ETFE, PFA, PTFE and Aflas More details

EBS Ethylene Bis Stearamide (external/ internal lubricant) 

Antistats, slip aids, dispersion aids and antifog additives


Fatty acids More details

MATT COMPOUND for BOPP film More details

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