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  • Polypropylene compounds (Research & Developing Department and production plant): 
    Massoplen Veure més
  • Silver based Biocides Ionpure (antimicrobial agent) More details
  • Purging compounds Dyna-Purge (injection, extrusion, blow moulding) More details
  • Stabilisers Gohsenol PVOH (polyvinyl alcohol derivates) More details
  • PVC stabilisers VALTRIS More details
  • Impact modifiers, process aids and lubricants for PVC. Kane Ace (construction, pipes, bottles, packaging) More details
  • Crosslinkable Polyethylene Hyundai EP corporation POLYLINK (pipes, cables) More details
  • Hi-Tech plastics (medical device, laboratory equipment and food trays for microwaves cooking More details
  • Adhesive resin Hyundai EP Corporation POLYGLUE (to bond polyolefins, Polyamides, EVOH, wood and metals) More details
  • Fluoropolymers. ETFE, PFA, PTFE and Aflas More details
  • EBS Ethylene Bis Stearamide (external/ internal lubricant) 
  • Antistats, slip aids, dispersion aids and antifog additives
  • Plasticizers
  • Fatty acids More details
  • MATT COMPOUND for BOPP film More details

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