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We want to share with you a significant innovation in the world of composites with the integration of Oryzite, a revolutionary component in our MASSOPLEN product lines.

What is ORYZITE?

Oryzite is an innovative material resulting from research and sustainable development.

This unique component stands out for its ability to improve the sustainability and efficiency of our products while maintaining the quality and strength our customers expect.

Massoplen Now with the Power of Oryzite  

MASSOPLEN compounds, known for their versatility and performance, are now enhanced with Oryzite. This addition not only improves the characteristics of our products but also reflects our commitment to more sustainable and environmentally responsible practices.

Key Benefits of Oryzite in MASSOPLEN ZYT

  • Improvement in Sustainability: Significantly reducing the carbon footprint.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Offering superior quality with a lower environmental impact.
  • Product Innovation: Maintaining the strength and durability that characterizes MASSOPLEN ZYT.

Commitment to the Future

The goal of our company has always been to lead by example in the composites industry. The introduction of Oryzite in MASSOPLEN ZYT is a step towards a greener and more sustainable future, aligned with our vision of innovation and environmental responsibility.

Invitation to Discover

We invite you to explore the unlimited possibilities that MASSOPLEN ZYT with Oryzite offers.
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Let's join together on this journey towards a more sustainable future!

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