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Raúl Rodríguez, Credit Manager at Comercial Química Massó, participated in the seminar on Collection and Arrears organized by Crédito y Caución (Atradius Group1) in Barcelona last June. 

How does the credit insurance help Comercial Química Massó to manage the commercial risk? was the title of Raúl’s presentation. He explained how important the implementation of a strategy allowing for a good risk control is for the company. Currently, Massó have more than 79.000 square meters of warehouses and laboratories. Their commercial activity covers Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary, and they have just obtained the permission to operate from China. After uninterrupted growth since the early nineties, the crisis provoked a sales decrease around 20% in 2009. The reaction of the company, specially opening new export markets, have allowed a recovery of the activity since 2010.

Crédito y Caución’s credit insurance has played a key role in the strategy of Massó, covering their operations with more than 5.000 customers with a variety of profiles, from different countries and operating in different industries. “We’re are now opening markets such as Russia, Middle East and Latin America and therefore we need a credit insurance provider that suits our company", explained Raúl.

The crisis environment forces all companies to keep in mind, more than ever, that a sale does not finish with the invoice, but with the payment collection. Massó are not afraid to refuse inconvenient transactions, but Crédito y Caución’s alert is an important factor in the process of case by case evaluation. “The credit insurance isn’t a panacea, but it is an essential tool in order to maintain a healthy client’s portfolio, avoiding treasury tensions caused by payment delays and unpaid invoices”, added.

1 Atradius Group now stands as one of the largest global credit insurance organizations in the world providing credit insurance and credit management products and services through 160 offices in 42 countries worldwide.

Source: Crédito y Caución (Atradius Group) – Presentation 16-06-2011 Foro Profesional Cobro y Morosidad, Hotel Hilton Barcelona.

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Website publication date: 22-07-2011

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