T. +34 934 952 500
T. +34 934 952 500  |  Fax +34 93 4952 519  | aditivos@cqmasso.com

CQM additivate the oil comming from the cargo boats arriving to the European major ports.



CQM develops new formulas in the lab.

CQM has 3 diferent logistic centres in Spain and other warehouses in our international subsidiaries.

The products and services distribution has been our core business for more than 60 years ago.

CQM provides all you need to detect contamination into your oil.

In our facilities we can repacked and manufacture all kind of chemical products.

Our labs control all our products according to ISO's 9001 and 14001.

Cleaning chemical plants and refineries online saves time, cost and increases safety.

CQM has a fiscal deposit and 2 custom offices from where CQM dispatxes and manages all tax documentation for us and for 3rd parties.

CQM offers the possibility to create some marketing material for our clients to help them in promoting their products and services.

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