Consumables, equipment and tools to perform Non Destructive testing.
We distribute well-known brands giving service and technical and commercial support.

Conventional and digital Radiography, besides that Comercial Química Masso supplies all kind of consumables for industrial radiography; penetrameters, densitometers, lead markers, etc…

Radiographic film for aerospace, petrochemical and other industrial areas, suitable for any method of exposure. Film processors that provide exceptional quality and homogeneity. And digital radiography equipment with the better image resolution in the industry, offering high quality images, consistently and reliably, capable of handling large plates, small plates, rigid cassettes and flexible plates, all in one system.

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Besides Comercial Química Massó supplies Lead Letters and Numbers, Penetrameters ASME / ASTM, DIN and EN, rigid and flexible cassettes for radiography, x-ray markers, halogen and LED negatoscopes, lead intensifying screens, radiometers, densitometers, darkroom lights, radiological tapes, etc ...