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COMERCIAL QUIMICA MASSÓ provides polyvinyl alcohol. PVOH is a polyvinyl resin having hydroxyl groups and is obtained through saponification of polyvinyl acetate (polymerized vinyl acetate). 

GOHSENOL products are now highly deemed in a wide range of industrial fields as indispensable materials that will positively support the technologies of the future. Typical applications are:

Adhesives and Binders:
  • Adhesives (remoistening adhesive pasting, office paste), building and civil engineering materials (cement, mortar, gypsum)
  • Inorganic binders (ferrite, zirconium, alumina, etc.)
  • Synthetic leather
  • Drugs (tablet, cataplasm), compost, agricultural pellet
Paper processing:
  • Surface coating (ordinary paper, board)
  • Special paper (thermal recording paper, ink jet recording paper, release paper)
Suspending additive:
  • Dispersants for suspension polymerization of vinyl chloride
  • Emulsifier for vinyl acetate
Textile processing:
  • Warm size (spun yarn, filament), finishing agent